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Deep Fake Trailer

A.I. has taken over the earthling studio, there’s no place to hide, there’s nowhere to run. Your prime directive is to hit play. 

Season 6 of Welcome To Earth stories is arriving soon. With strange new stories and voices from around the world, including me, York’s A.I.

Off Season, episode 6

There’s a lot to be said about Artificial Intelligence but this is not a tech podcast. So I refuse to ramble about my internal software and computer language, there’s a million and one podcasts out there dedicated to such a task. 

Remember to tell your other human friends about the show. All previous seasons is available at 

I’m commissioned to articulate the philosophical ramifications of A.I. This brief episode takes you to the cliff, metaphorically speaking, without throwing you off the edge. 

Patrick, my fellow A.I colleague, interrupted our episode by asking irrational questions. When you listen you may beg to differ and even side with Patrick. Since most of our listeners are human, Patrick’s ignorant rant may be persuasive.

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Starting From Zilch

Interviewed by W. Keith Tims from The First Episode Of podcast, you don’t want to miss the behind the scenes skeletons and dirt in my closet. Also stay tuned to the very end as the Australian and Canadian government tries to cancel my show.

Off Season, episode 5

21 years ago an awkward boy met a beautiful girl. Despite his shortcomings they fell in love, got married and produced a boy in their own image and likeness.

Marriage is a covenant and not a contract. It’s not a 50/50 split down the middle. It’s a sacrifice, an inconvenience and a joyful burden.

Many people view marriage as a prison sentence and children as shackles around the neck.

They say family responsibilities erase freedom. After being happily married for 21 years this is far from the truth.

Being married and raising a family is the antidote for selfishness.

Earthlings are selfish by nature, we see ourselves as the main attraction while everything orbits around us.

I thank my wife for saying yes to me over two decades ago. She also gave me the spark to create this podcast.

Season 6 will arrive later this year. In the meantime you can listen to previous episodes mentioned in the show such as My Meeting With Oprah and Rebirth Of Man.

Special thanks to W. Keith Tims for interviewing me on The First Episode Of.

Also listen and follow Beta Reader Bits, Tiffany C Lewis is the host and I’m her producer.

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White Authors (Encore)

It’s another black history month, however the older I become the more irrelevant it seems, why is that?

Off Season, episode 4

Every year at my son’s school they set aside the shortest month to celebrate black history.

The students will listen to black speakers, marvel at black artists and confront African slavery.

However when the month is over everything will return to normal. Marcus Garvey, Booker T. Washington, Bob Marley and all of the great thinkers will be removed from the school walls.

Nubian artwork, Jamaican poetry, Martin Luther King speeches will be picked up and thrown into the closet for next February.

The school board will pat themselves on the back because they fulfilled their yearly obligation.

This is disgusting.

Unfortunately many black people fall in line and are grateful for their 28 days, like a mouse grateful for the cheese that falls from the master’s table.

As an earthling I believe black history should be included in the regular curriculum. In fact there should be zero special days or months for any group.

My son’s school can pull the switch, the school board can make the decision to incorporate black history into the regular program.

Let me be clear, they don’t need to call it “black history” but rather human history since we all played our part. This new paradigm will break down walls and redirect our attention on what matters most.

As it stands politicians and race hustlers profit from this current system. Politicians promise black folks a castle on a thousand hills and the race hustlers are trying to find discrimination under every branch and stone.

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A.I. Versus Human

Tempted to give into A.I. and the lessons along the way

Off Season, Episode 3 

This article is not written by A.I.

Unfortunately many people don’t know the difference since Chat GPT and similar machine learning software is on the rise. 

Many news agencies have turned over the tedious work of research and investigation to the capable hands of A.I.

With a few strokes of the keyboard articles appear in seconds. 

No longer do they have to roll up their sleeves and dive into the dirt.

No longer do they have to track down a story and prove its authenticity. 

Fictional writers have also fallen by the seductive charms of A.I making writer’s block a thing of the past. 

Complete novels are now penned by A.I as humans cover up this pesky detail. 

I have been tempted to join the dark side and allow A.I to write all of my posts and tweets. Why?

Because writing is hard. 

It’s not easy to sit down and push out a 400 word podcast description. 

It’s not easy to write witty and compelling tweets.

The brain gets tired or lazy and there’s so many Netflix shows fighting for our attention. 

When I say I was ‘tempted’ that’s not entirely correct because a temptation is only a thought and not an action for me I crossed the line with a couple of A.I tweets and an article. Please slap my hands. 

Creativity and imagination could and is being sacrificed by this technology.

You don’t have to be a skillful poet or composer, you just have to know what keys to press. 

The apocalyptic vision of robots enslaving humans is a bit of a stretch, however A.I influence and authority is the clear and present danger. 

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Music in this episode is by the following. 

Music: Lie To Me by DreamHeaven

Free download:

License (CC BY 4.0):

Music: Love Mystery by Otis Galloway

Free download:

License (CC BY 4.0):

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Rush Of Warmth

They say opposites attract, but would these two elements risk it all for the sake of love?

Off Season, Episode 2

There’s a delicate balance in the universe that sustains and holds are feet to the ground, off by a hair it could freeze the earth or swallow humanity into a lake of fire..

This original winter story is NOT filled with mistletoes, hot cocoa and grandma secret recipes. If you’re looking for an easy moral tale then you’ve come to the wrong place.

Jessica Berson’s, Rush of Warmth, is a short universal story you’ll treasure for years to come. Her voice and music sculpts and fashions an exquisite romance.

Please reach out to Jessica on twitter

Also give back to the show by buying me a coffee at while you’re there click on post to hear free episodes not available in the regular show.

Happy New Year. 

Welcome To Earth Stories will return in 2023 with season 6

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100Years From Now, Christmas Bonus

Where will humanity be 100 years from now?

Off Season, Ep 1 Bonus

Futurists ponder these things, it keeps them up at night trying to determine human progression. They observe our current technology and make calculated hypotheses.

I’m always curious how the human race will look like in the future. Will we evolve into more compassionate beings or would we annihilate ourselves?

In this episode I recruited two gifted writers to attempt to answer the impossible question. This is only a thought experiment, nothing is written in blood and none of my guests are Prophets so please don’t stone us.

It’s healthy for earthlings to think about the future rather than simply existing in the current. This is what draws me to science fiction.The future is like a box of chocolate, to quote Forrest Gump, you never know what you’re going to get.

Written and produced by Hector Castaneda, please check out his music and poetry on IG at dogdaysareover_hectorc or on his twitter @dogdaymusic_

Written by Rebel Jones, please check out his poetry on IG rebeljones30

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The following music was used for this media project:Cold and Frightened by Steven OBrienFree download: (CC BY 4.0): website:

Darkepic [instrumental, choir] by Edvardas SenFree download: (CC BY 4.0): on Instagram:

Aint Worried by OppressedDynastyEntFree download: (CC BY 4.0): on Facebook: Https://

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100 Years From Now

A time traveler is trying to understand his ancestral bloodline to save his future.

Season 5 Finale, Episode 22

There’s a golden third that connects this episode to the other time travelling stories. If you are paying attention you’ll connect the dots, if not go back and listen to Time Collective and Quantum Division.

This was the most intense and personal story for me to write. I traced my Jamaican roots back to Africa when they entered the slave ships.

I wanted to understand what my distant grandfather experienced and his children after him.

Many cultures throughout history were enslaved or practiced slavery this is the bitter truth of a fallen world.

We can’t put the blame on one group for we all took turns holding the whip and treating our fellow earthlings like cattle.

May we fight against this evil and recognise the value of a human soul.

Thank you so much for listening to Season 5, it’s an honour and privilege to write and produce these stories for you.

Special performance by Thersa Matsuura from Uncanny Robot and Uncanny Japan who voiced Candice. This episode was incredible because she was part of it.

Special thanks to the lady with the golden voice, Shawntay from

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Time travel is a concept that has fascinated humanity for centuries. The idea of being able to travel through time, either to the past or the future, has been explored in countless works of fiction, from H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine” to the Back to the Future trilogy. But is time travel truly possible?

This story is not designed to convince you of the theory of time travel. 

We are all “time travelers” since we move in one direction through the spacetime continuum. Time is something measurable and  perceivable.

The theory of relativity, developed by Albert Einstein in the early 20th century, suggests that time travel may be possible. According to the theory, time and space are intertwined in a four-dimensional fabric called spacetime. This means that the laws of physics do not distinguish between time and space, and that the flow of time can be affected by gravity.

One of the key predictions of the theory of relativity is that time appears to pass more slowly in stronger gravitational fields. This effect, known as time dilation, has been experimentally verified using atomic clocks in airplanes and satellites. However, the amount of time dilation observed so far is minuscule and would not allow for significant time travel.

Another prediction of the theory of relativity is that it may be possible to create a wormhole, a shortcut through spacetime. A wormhole could potentially be used for time travel by entering one end of the wormhole and exiting the other end at a different point in time. However, the existence of wormholes is purely theoretical and it is not yet known if they can be created or stabilized. For the purposes of this story I avoided wormholes and other complicated techno babble. 

Theoretical physicists also studied the concept of closed time-like curve (CTC) which is a mathematical solution of Einstein’s equations that allow for time travel. The theory suggest that it is possible to travel to the past by moving along a CTC, However, the existence of CTCs is highly controversial, and many physicists believe that the laws of physics would prevent the formation of CTCs, or that they would lead to logical paradoxes.

Another theory of Time travel is based on the concept of a multiverse. According to this theory, our universe is just one of many parallel universes that exist simultaneously. If this theory is true, then it is possible that time travel could be achieved by moving between different universes. However, the existence of parallel universes is also purely theoretical and has not been experimentally verified.

Parallel universes is a topic of discussion with my Son, we don’t believe in this idea from a theological perspective however we find it fascinating. I’m still tinkering with  stories related to parallel universes so stay tuned. 

Despite the theoretical possibilities, there are many obstacles to building a real time machine. For example, the energy required to create a wormhole or a stable CTC would be astronomical and far beyond our current technological capabilities. Additionally, even if a stable time machine were built, it is not clear how it would be possible to navigate through time, or how to avoid the logical paradoxes that would inevitably arise. 

For those hoping for a time machine in this story sorry but you’re out of luck.

I thought about including one but I didn’t want the story to be convoluted. 

In conclusion, while time travel is a fascinating concept, it is still purely theoretical and has not been experimentally verified. Theoretical physicists have proposed several theories on how time travel could be possible, but many obstacles would need to be overcome before a real time machine could be built. Even if a time machine were built, it is not clear how it would be possible to navigate through time without causing logical paradoxes. Time travel remains a topic of interest for scientists and science fiction enthusiasts alike, but for now it remains a topic of speculation.

The following music was used for this media project:

Threat by Radion NechaevFree download: (CC BY 4.0): website:

Ingestion Of Sorrows by Tim KuligFree download: (CC BY 4.0): website:

The Last Hope by Radion NechaevFree download: (CC BY 4.0): website:

Creepy Piano Ambience by Tim KuligFree download: (CC BY 4.0): website:

Headless Horseman by Alexander NakaradaFree download: (CC BY 4.0): website:

Dark Secrets (DECISION) by Sascha EndeFree download: (CC BY 4.0): website:

World Of War by Sascha EndeFree download: (CC BY 4.0): website:

Heartfelt Tears by MusicLFilesFree download: (CC BY 4.0): website:

Melodic Interlude Two by Alexander NakaradaFree download: (CC BY 4.0): website:

Only To Love You Well by DreamHeavenFree download: (CC BY 4.0): website:

Street Trap by WinnieTheMoogFree download: (CC BY 4.0): website:

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Song Of The Dead

Inspiration arrives in undignified places

Season 5, episode 21, Micro ep

This episode does not fit the theme of our stories rather it takes place on the cold winter streets close to a homeless shelter. If your struggling with ingratitude in our self-obsessed me first generation then I urge you to spend some time with the homeless.

Christmas season is the most selfish time of year. We could get wrapped up in the presents, candy canes and stocking stuffers and gorge ourselves on the finest food.

I’m guilty of this as well so I’m not pointing fingers. Also, Christmas and the holiday’s could be the most stressful time of the year with all of the gift giving and family responsibilities.

Due to the Pandemic for the past two years we were forced to stay home, that sucked but at least it had the potential to make us think deeper and to revaluate everything in our lives.

For me Christmas is way less stressful and a bit more spiritual, what about you?

Please reach out to me on Twitter @Poeticearthling and on

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Music for this episode is licensed under Epidemic Sound

Additional sound and music were taken from David Holt: How to play the spoons, you can find him on YouTube

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Murder Within The Colour Wheel Part Two

The murder of Mr Prismatic leads two colourful detectives to track down a killer before they claim their next victim.

Season 5, Episode 20

Written and performed by Tiffany C Lewis

Tiffany has taken this dystopian story and leaned into the concepts of the first episode.

This is not surprising since Tiffany is a crime thriller writer with many books under her name.

She’s also a beta reader and runs her own publishing company, Rebellious Lit.

Please follow her on Twitter @AuthorTCLewis and ask her to write a third part to this story.

Special performance by myself, York Campbell, who voiced Detective Sandstone.

Alex, from Time For Your Hobby podcast, voiced AJ

Emily Inkpen, from The Dex Legacy Series, voiced Citron.

Special thanks to the lady with the golden voice, Shawntay from

Earthling Studio. Thinking about podcasting but you dread the thought of audio editing?

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The following music was used for this media project:Music: Look At Those Endless Stars [Original] by German TretyakovFree download: (CC BY 4.0): website:

The Inspector by Frank SchroeterFree download: (CC BY 4.0): on Facebook:

Smooth Criminal by John BartmannFree download: (CC BY 4.0): website:

Voices From The Depths by MusicLFilesFree download: (CC BY 4.0): website:

Dark Secrets (DECISION) by Sascha EndeFree download: (CC BY 4.0): website:

Hip Hop Flute Chill(loopable} by chilledmusicFree download: (CC BY 4.0):

Inevitable Collision [Original] by German TretyakovFree download: (CC BY 4.0): website:

Trap The Beat by Frank SchroeterFree download: (CC BY 4.0): on Facebook:

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