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Learning To Fly

If we’re not careful we can mold and shape our children into our carbon copy.

Season 1, Episode 10

One of the biggest lessons of parenthood is to allow your child to spread his wings. We all want to see our children flourish and go beyond the limits. Every well adjusted parent wants their child to be better than them, however there’s pressure applied by some parents to shape their child into another version of themselves.

This episode deals with my own struggles as a father and some unrelated stories to close this season.

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Thank you for listening to the season finale, see you next season.

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Backward Numbers

Technological achievement is a poor replacement for intimacy.

Season 1, Episode 9

A few years ago I didn’t know anything about computers, and I wasn’t into slick cadets, except for a handheld electronic dictionary.

Because the writing world moved to social media I reluctantly followed. Established authors said the only way to make it as a writer is to embrace Facebook and similar sites.

At that time I despised the “online world” and deemed it as a drag on the soul and a waste of time. All of these likes, hearts, follower count and retweets was creating anxiety issues.

Sometimes I still despise it and view social media as a time suck.
There I am at 2 in the morning scrolling through twitter, or should I say brainlessly scrolling through twitter trying to find something to perk my interest.

Minutes turn into hours as I beat myself up for not getting anything done.

That’s bad, but that’s not the worst part.
Quality time with my wife is also compromised.
I know, that’s pretty awful.

Things are better now, not perfect but a huge improvement.
I’m practicing more self control and learning I don’t need to be “on” all the time.
It’s not like thousands of people are waiting breathlessly for my next post.

A simple thing as putting down the phone and staring in her eyes goes a long way. This action builds intimacy.

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Naive Poet

Are you creative, or is creativity for the chosen few?

Special Episode

I was a guest on The Adventures of a naive Poet with the one and only Graffiti Bleu. We talked about our creative process and how all of us can cultivate creativity in our lives.

Graffiti Bleu is an author, poet, musical artist, and spoken word performer.

For all of his books, shows, and special events go to

He was also featured on the Pegasus Delima episode of Welcome To Earth Stories.

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Slinky Universe

Is freewill only a figment of one’s imagination?

Season 1, Episode 8

Are you old enough to remember the slinky, this is a popular spring like toy accidentally created by Richard James in 1943.

Even if you didn’t play with a slinky your probably familiar with the commercial.

Wait a moment, you’ve seen the commercial right?
If not, pause what you’re reading, go to YouTube and type it in.

Are you back?

The slinky is comprised of metal coils, each coil affects the other as it climbs down the stairs.
It’s future moves depends on the previous.

We inhabit a Slinky Universe where each action is determined by the former.
This notion may eradicate the concept of free will.

Without free will or autonomy we can blame everything on the past. We could say society made me this way for good or bad and my future actions are written by events outside of my control.

Isn’t that the problem today, people not taking ownership of their mess and pointing the finger at someone else.
English poet, John Donne, most quotable line rings through,
“No man is an island.”

John Donne was right we are all interconnected, whatever you do will affect me to a greater or lesser extent since we all occupy this planet.

But I don’t believe this eliminates free will, however it may reduce it.

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Resistance Is Futile

Is the advent of AI our long awaited Saviour, or is it the birth of Skynet

Earlier this year I was invited to the Write Hive panel about AI in book publishing. Our conversation went beyond publishing to a more philosophical musing about where this technology is heading.

Many of my stories revolve around AI, a good example is Escape From Wokeville, go back and give it a listen.

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Midnight Train

Strange thoughts as I take the midnight train.

Season 1, Episode 7

When I lived in Toronto I took the late night train to work.
It was quiet and we weren’t sardined in a metal box.

Because of this you could allow yourself and your thoughts to drift on the tracks. Be careful though you may fall asleep, I’ve done so multiple times.

Humanity is different when the sun goes down.
Our thoughts turn inward as we grapple with our mortality.
There’s less distractions, time constraints and appointments.

I’ve used these late night train rides to write about my fellow passengers: the drunk, the sober, the hipster and the pacifist.

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Invisible Hand

There’s an invisible hand at work within the cosmos, on this episode we’ll discover what it is.

Season 1, Episode 6

To view the origin of the universe as a random series of events accidentally exploding, stumbling, colliding and fussing into life giving particles is an isolating thought.

If everything is organized chaos with no divine Choir Master then life would serve no purpose.

Atheism excludes God from the origin of the universe but it also excludes the supernatural. It reduces are fleeting existence as a mere mishap in the galaxy.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

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Bone Of My Bone


The question, “what is a woman?” Shouldn’t be complicated, today we’ll solve the riddle.

Season 1, Episode 5

What is a woman?That’s a good question but it should be obvious.

Women are being replaced by men disguising themselves as women. We are bullied to believe there’s no objective definition of women.

“women” Is only a social construct and the word has no definitive meaning. Where is the women’s right groups and the bra burning feminist? It appears they’re silent as their positions and awards is overtaken by men.

Special thanks to Shawntay from

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80 Candles And a Time Machine

It’s my Mom’s 80th birthday, let’s board the time machine and travel to 1943

Special Episode

Sometimes we have impulsive and inspirational ideas but we don’t take action. We give ourselves excuses of why it can’t work. We feed our inspiration with logic before it reaches the clouds.

I’m definitely guilty of this. My mind is a factory of ideas that remains on the conveyor belt.

Life seems easier when you play it safe. With nothing to lose and nothing to gain you can sail through life unnoticed.

You can live a painless existence by not ruffling any feathers.

But who desires that?

The people we admire are the risk takers, the cliff divers.
Those people who ride the waves rather than observing them in their lawn chairs.

I learned in this episode that being impulsive is not a bad thing. Sure you can go overboard if you’re not careful but the right kind of impulsiveness is pure magic.

Also in this episode you’ll hear my Mom for the first time.

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