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Omega Take Me Home

Did Amber kill Tim? This question and others will be revealed as we venture outside Zenith city, and if you think your family is dysfunctional you haven’t seen nothing yet.

Season 7, Episode 2

Prepare yourself for a sexy AI, unbelievable car chases and an upside down reality as we discover how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Starring the “real” Timothy from create art podcast, but then again what is “real?” Perhaps Timothy is an artificial representation of the real Tim. I’ll let you decide.

Also starring Karin from Chaika podcast, if you like my show then you’ll love Chaika.

(Dashboard of Omega)

Featuring Tiffany C. Lewis from Rebellion Lit and also the storyteller himself Graffiti Bleu 

I realize this is a new format from the last seasons. Change could be difficult and uncomfortable but I thank you for persevering with my show and for telling a friend.

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Music for this episode is licensed under Epedmic Sound