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This is the awkward part of the website that I’m obliged to brag about myself. I was told by professional writers and creative geniuses that the about section is the most important part of the site, you have to sell yourself, display your strengths and showcase your achievements.

They may be right, besides they are the experts.

I tried flexing my intellectual muscles by picking out the best parts of my life to convey a spotless image.

Telling you how special I am does not benefit you, and to be honest it’s boring. I have read through long tedious bios and I walked away empty handed, or even worse I started comparing my mediocre life to their superstar status. When you compare yourself to others it steals your joy.

Also, we love to create idols out of the people we admire. I don’t want to be anyone’s idol. Rather I’m an earthling and a sinner just like you. I did some good stuff in my life. I did some dirt, my hands are not clean.

I wrote and recorded these episodes to understand myself on a deeper level, to understand the purpose of the Universe, and to comprehend the mind of God. You’ll hear things in my show that you will either love or hate. I can’t please everyone. However, I will be honest, even if the stories are weird and out of this world they all contain a grain of truth.

My spinoff show, Experimental Stories, is also on this site. Because I can’t afford a separate website for the spinoff podcast, at least not yet, I placed it here. You can also listen to Experimental Stories on it’s own separate feed. It’s available on Apple podcast and most podcast players.

The spinoff show is deigned for nocturnal listeners. It’s poetic and gentle approach is perfect for spiritual reflection or unwinding at the end of a busy week.

I was born in Jamaica and shipped over to Canada when I was knee high, you can blame my parents for that.

Despite the freezing cold, Canada has been good to me. I’m a proud Canadian and some of my stories reflects this fact.

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