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Imagine if you were the last  surviving member of the human race.

Everything you loved and hated is burned in the fire. Earth is a distant memory as your space vessel is your only home. Loss, isolation and grief is your constant companion.

However, there’s a small  glimmer of hope. A mustard seed of faith that pushes you to seek answers and to reclaim what was lost. 

Special episode

My special guest is Karin Heimdahl. She’s the writer and host  of the multi award-winning dystopian sci-fi drama Chaika. 

You’ve heard her perform on this show, and in Season 7 she will be one of the leading stars. 

Karin breaks down her writing process and how she connects and cries over her characters.

If you are a creative soul you’ll appreciate this episode because it will give you insight on how to make your stories come to life.

Please follow and listen to Chaika including her other shows at and follow her on X @Karinheim 

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Lost In Hindi

Have you been on an interview were everything goes wrong? I was a special guest on Media Unplugged, this is one of India’s most popular podcast. I hired an interpreter and you wouldn’t believe what happened next.

This episode was accidently released on Experimental Stories, so if you think you have heard this before your not going crazy. If you haven’t subscribed to Experimental Stories then give it a try. You can also follow the show on twitter(X) @Experimentalstory.

Season 7 of welcome To Earth Stories will arrive later this year. Please continue to spread the word about this show.

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Worst Enterview Ever

I had a very awkward experience recently. I was invited as a special guest on one of India’s most popular podcasts. The problem was, I don’t speak Hindi. And the host doesn’t speak English. So I had to rely on my interpreter, but unfortunately she couldn’t be trusted.

I’m not the type to pick fights with other podcasters, but sometimes you have to speak up when they act like this. I don’t blame my interpreter Priya too much. She tried to soften what the host was saying, instead of translating it word for word. I get that. Some words can hurt the ego.

Season 7 later on this year. I know you’ve been waiting for a long time, but I promise it will be worth it. I put a lot of care and creativity into my writing and production, so thank you for your patience and support. While you wait, you can enjoy my nocturnal podcast, Experimental Stories. This is a unique podcast that I created for night owls like you. It’s full of surprises and mysteries that will keep you company in the dark.

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Fruit Fly Existence

Imagine if your lifespan was the length of a Fruit Fly?

Special Episode

The average human lifespan is 80 years. God has given us time to grow and develop not just physically but spiritually.

However, many of us waste those precious years in pursuit of meaningless things. We attach ourselves to immediate gratifications and hitch our wagons on a star.

80 years is fleeting, if your young you may think otherwise. The older you grow the more precious is time.

If your life was reduced from 80 years to a few days how different would you live?

Season two is arriving later this year. In the meantime please tell a friend about this show. Also, you can keep in touch with me on Twitter (X) @Experimentalstories.

I’m also the host of Welcome To Earth Stories, season 7 is also arriving later on this year.

All music is licensed under Epidemic Sound   

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More Famous Than Taylor Swift

My new year’s resolution is to become more famous than Taylor Swift.

Why should Taylor hog the spotlight and leave us mere mortals in the cold?Why did Time Magazine anoint her as the person of the year?

Special Bonus Episode

This episode establishes my case of why this show, and your truly, needs to be more famous than Taylor.

I know some diehard Swifties out there may disagree and stop listening to this podcast. This is a chance I’m willing to take to tell you the truth.

Brand new season is launching later on this year. To keep in touch and to read all my tweets you can reach me on twitter @poeticearthling.

If your thinking about starting a podcast this year but you don’t have the time or patience to edit then please reach out to me on twitter.

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Fat Man, Red Suit

What does a few Canadians, a couple of Swedes, a couple of Hungarians, one obnoxious American, and one cute Korean girl have in common? They’re all trapped on a plane at the edge of the North Pole.

There’s nothing better this Christmas season than to hear a great story. This story placed a smile on my face and I hope it does the same to you.

To my incredible earthlings, this year wouldn’t have been the same without your spirit. 

Thanks Shawntay for being the lady with the golden voice.

Thanks Tiffany C Lewis for your hard work and integrity.

Thanks Timothy for making my laugh

Thanks Jay for being my biggest fan on Twitter, or should I say X

And thanks to everyone for making Welcome To Earth Stories grow to new levels in 2023. 

Season 7 is arriving in 2024, please remain subscribed and spread the word about this show.

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Learning To Fly

If we’re not careful we can mold and shape our children into our carbon copy.

Season 1, Episode 10

One of the biggest lessons of parenthood is to allow your child to spread his wings. We all want to see our children flourish and go beyond the limits. Every well adjusted parent wants their child to be better than them, however there’s pressure applied by some parents to shape their child into another version of themselves.

This episode deals with my own struggles as a father and some unrelated stories to close this season.

Listen and follow my other podcast, Welcome To Earth Stories at, also follow me on Twitter (X) @experimenstory.

Thank you for listening to the season finale, see you next season.

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Backward Numbers

Technological achievement is a poor replacement for intimacy.

Season 1, Episode 9

A few years ago I didn’t know anything about computers, and I wasn’t into slick cadets, except for a handheld electronic dictionary.

Because the writing world moved to social media I reluctantly followed. Established authors said the only way to make it as a writer is to embrace Facebook and similar sites.

At that time I despised the “online world” and deemed it as a drag on the soul and a waste of time. All of these likes, hearts, follower count and retweets was creating anxiety issues.

Sometimes I still despise it and view social media as a time suck.
There I am at 2 in the morning scrolling through twitter, or should I say brainlessly scrolling through twitter trying to find something to perk my interest.

Minutes turn into hours as I beat myself up for not getting anything done.

That’s bad, but that’s not the worst part.
Quality time with my wife is also compromised.
I know, that’s pretty awful.

Things are better now, not perfect but a huge improvement.
I’m practicing more self control and learning I don’t need to be “on” all the time.
It’s not like thousands of people are waiting breathlessly for my next post.

A simple thing as putting down the phone and staring in her eyes goes a long way. This action builds intimacy.

The following was used for this media project:
Music: Scary Industrial Noises by Tim Kulig
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Music: Celestial Theta Brainstems by Tim Kulig
Free download:
License (CC BY 4.0):

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Naive Poet

Are you creative, or is creativity for the chosen few?

Special Episode

I was a guest on The Adventures of a naive Poet with the one and only Graffiti Bleu. We talked about our creative process and how all of us can cultivate creativity in our lives.

Graffiti Bleu is an author, poet, musical artist, and spoken word performer.

For all of his books, shows, and special events go to

He was also featured on the Pegasus Delima episode of Welcome To Earth Stories.

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Music for this episode is licensed under Epidemic Sound

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