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Killing Tim

To be free from control a sacrifice was required, but does Amber have the nerve to squeeze the trigger. 

Season 7, Episode 1

I’m afraid that anything I say about this episode and Season 7 will spoil it for you. I can’t stand spoilers. If you are a smart alec, you may think the title of this episode is already a big spoiler, but trust me it’s not.

The best way to listen to this episode is in a quiet place with your headphones on. We live in a landscape of distractions, everything is fighting for our attention. Insight and wisdom is lost for the sake of another mindless tik tok video. 

The beauty of a sunrise is forgotten because we can swipe right to see thousands of others. I’m not equating this story to the wisdom of Solomon or a beautiful sunrise, or probably I am. All I want is your attention not only for my benefit but for yours. 

Apeiron Realm is a nine part series that delves into  existentialism. Don’t worry we’re not going to get lost in the weeds but it does require a clear mind. Even though I wrote this story, I’m also a student. I don’t have all the answers so I’m learning just like you. 

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Thank you to Tim, the real Tim who played himself in this episode. His show is called Create Art Podcast.

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Our resident villain, Mr Fetter, is performed by Leo Allen

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Music created by Epidemic Sound 

Mr. Fetter being interviewed on the BS Detector