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White Authors (Encore)

It’s another black history month, however the older I become the more irrelevant it seems, why is that?

Off Season, episode 4

Every year at my son’s school they set aside the shortest month to celebrate black history.

The students will listen to black speakers, marvel at black artists and confront African slavery.

However when the month is over everything will return to normal. Marcus Garvey, Booker T. Washington, Bob Marley and all of the great thinkers will be removed from the school walls.

Nubian artwork, Jamaican poetry, Martin Luther King speeches will be picked up and thrown into the closet for next February.

The school board will pat themselves on the back because they fulfilled their yearly obligation.

This is disgusting.

Unfortunately many black people fall in line and are grateful for their 28 days, like a mouse grateful for the cheese that falls from the master’s table.

As an earthling I believe black history should be included in the regular curriculum. In fact there should be zero special days or months for any group.

My son’s school can pull the switch, the school board can make the decision to incorporate black history into the regular program.

Let me be clear, they don’t need to call it “black history” but rather human history since we all played our part. This new paradigm will break down walls and redirect our attention on what matters most.

As it stands politicians and race hustlers profit from this current system. Politicians promise black folks a castle on a thousand hills and the race hustlers are trying to find discrimination under every branch and stone.

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