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Starting From Zilch

Interviewed by W. Keith Tims from The First Episode Of podcast, you don’t want to miss the behind the scenes skeletons and dirt in my closet. Also stay tuned to the very end as the Australian and Canadian government tries to cancel my show.

Off Season, episode 5

21 years ago an awkward boy met a beautiful girl. Despite his shortcomings they fell in love, got married and produced a boy in their own image and likeness.

Marriage is a covenant and not a contract. It’s not a 50/50 split down the middle. It’s a sacrifice, an inconvenience and a joyful burden.

Many people view marriage as a prison sentence and children as shackles around the neck.

They say family responsibilities erase freedom. After being happily married for 21 years this is far from the truth.

Being married and raising a family is the antidote for selfishness.

Earthlings are selfish by nature, we see ourselves as the main attraction while everything orbits around us.

I thank my wife for saying yes to me over two decades ago. She also gave me the spark to create this podcast.

Season 6 will arrive later this year. In the meantime you can listen to previous episodes mentioned in the show such as My Meeting With Oprah and Rebirth Of Man.

Special thanks to W. Keith Tims for interviewing me on The First Episode Of.

Also listen and follow Beta Reader Bits, Tiffany C Lewis is the host and I’m her producer.

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