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A.I. Versus Human

Tempted to give into A.I. and the lessons along the way

Off Season, Episode 3 

This article is not written by A.I.

Unfortunately many people don’t know the difference since Chat GPT and similar machine learning software is on the rise. 

Many news agencies have turned over the tedious work of research and investigation to the capable hands of A.I.

With a few strokes of the keyboard articles appear in seconds. 

No longer do they have to roll up their sleeves and dive into the dirt.

No longer do they have to track down a story and prove its authenticity. 

Fictional writers have also fallen by the seductive charms of A.I making writer’s block a thing of the past. 

Complete novels are now penned by A.I as humans cover up this pesky detail. 

I have been tempted to join the dark side and allow A.I to write all of my posts and tweets. Why?

Because writing is hard. 

It’s not easy to sit down and push out a 400 word podcast description. 

It’s not easy to write witty and compelling tweets.

The brain gets tired or lazy and there’s so many Netflix shows fighting for our attention. 

When I say I was ‘tempted’ that’s not entirely correct because a temptation is only a thought and not an action for me I crossed the line with a couple of A.I tweets and an article. Please slap my hands. 

Creativity and imagination could and is being sacrificed by this technology.

You don’t have to be a skillful poet or composer, you just have to know what keys to press. 

The apocalyptic vision of robots enslaving humans is a bit of a stretch, however A.I influence and authority is the clear and present danger. 

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