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This Person Does Not Exist

This episode may be fake. Every news segment and tweet is probably the same The person in this story created his fantasy, or so it seems.

Season 4, episode 5

The line between fact and fantasy is becoming more opaque. Facts are seen as oppressive and hateful. For example, the words “pregnant women” are falling out of fashion and replaced by “pregnant people.”

Pregnant women are an undeniable biological fact. My wife was pregnant and my mom was pregnant with me. Only women can bear children, this should be a noncontroversial fact. It wasn’t too long ago when this statement was without question. 

In recent times the science of female biology has been discarded to make room for people’s feelings. Science is under attack while certain pundits warn us to “trust the science”.

They even want us to trust “credible news sources.” Those sources paint a tailor made reality with the goal of adopting their worldview. Because of earthlings natural acceptance of authority figures such as the major news networks and social media, the spell is difficult to break.

What makes it more difficult is the rise of deep fake videos, images and voices. You can’t trust what your little eyes see. Technology is almost at the point that it’s nearly impossible to  distinguish the real from the fake.

It’s vital to question the dominant opinion, it’s different than some jerk who questions everything just to be a contrarian. You should question out of sincerity and not grandstanding. Asking meaningful questions will further your knowledge and help everyone to think more effectively. 

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