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Netflix Hangover (**Bonus Show)

If you want to destroy your writing career then pour yourself a tall glass of soda, a large bowl of cheetos, turn  your remote to Netflix and binge on your favorite show.

S4 Episode 4, Mirco Episode

I’m sure Netflix doesn’t mind you abandoning your manuscript, your potential bestseller in exchange for movie stars. 

Go ahead and donate your $12 per month to add to these celebrities bank account  I’m sure they’re grateful for your sacrifice. Your potential bestseller can wait but the new season of Stranger Things can’t wait. 

So enjoy yourself, curl up in your warm blanket and throw away the clock. Maybe tomorrow you can dust off your manuscript and jog your memory of where you left off.

You may have to deal with the  guilt of  over indulging on your Netflix fling, but you made your choices no need crying about it. No one forced you to stay up to four in the morning. That was your decision.

Netflix was more important than your manuscript, go on admit it. This is a safe place like a confessional booth so you can speak the truth, no sense living a lie. 

If you want to rid yourself of the Netflix hangover then decide which one is better, writing your novel or binging on Netflix.

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