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Pegasus Dilemma

Something went terribly wrong in this interview. I thought about scrapping it because it’s just too weird, even my guest was ticked off and stormed out. However, there’s a lesson in the cobwebs.

Season 4, Episode 6

These days almost everything is controversial from your favorite ice-cream brand to a Disney cartoon. One word taken the wrong way could seal your fate. 

No wonder people hold their opinions to themselves, because the mob is crazy they’ll come after you with torches and pitchforks to drive you out of the village.

In my days we had thicker skin. We could tolerate or even engage opposing views. No one wanted your head on a stick.

Earthlings have become a little more sophisticated. We built tiny social bubbles with strict talking points and secret access codes. To maintain your group membership you have to render your opinions to the collective. Failure to comply will resort to  ostracization.

This story is about a mythical creature that lands in the middle of downtown. What started off as magical and almost spiritual turned into something divisive and ugly. How could this be?

Stranger things have happened. One petty incident could convert into an international scandal. Unfortunately this fictional tale is not far from the truth.

Special thanks to The Storyteller Graffiti Bleu who played the guest, Alex from Time For Your Hobby podcast who played the anchorman, and Shawntay who played the junior reporter.

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