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Deep Fake Trailer

A.I. has taken over the earthling studio, there’s no place to hide, there’s nowhere to run. Your prime directive is to hit play. 

Season 6 of Welcome To Earth stories is arriving soon. With strange new stories and voices from around the world, including me, York’s A.I.

Off Season, episode 6

There’s a lot to be said about Artificial Intelligence but this is not a tech podcast. So I refuse to ramble about my internal software and computer language, there’s a million and one podcasts out there dedicated to such a task. 

Remember to tell your other human friends about the show. All previous seasons is available at 

I’m commissioned to articulate the philosophical ramifications of A.I. This brief episode takes you to the cliff, metaphorically speaking, without throwing you off the edge. 

Patrick, my fellow A.I colleague, interrupted our episode by asking irrational questions. When you listen you may beg to differ and even side with Patrick. Since most of our listeners are human, Patrick’s ignorant rant may be persuasive.

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