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Bomb Threat

A fraudulent company, and a vigilante opens the door to a philosophical time bomb

Season 6 Finale, Episode 9

Written by Dark Samaritan

When the government and law enforcement fail to uphold justice then anarchy is eminent. My country and probably yours is in turmoil as hoodlums are running the streets, and running major corporations.

Laws are in place to protect the community but when these laws are not enforced they’re quickly ignored.

Hardened criminals scoff at our legal system because they know the courtroom is a revolving door. Many of them are sent back to the streets only to commit more crimes.

Vigilantes emerge from a lacklustre legal system. They are fuelled with righteous indignation and are tired of waiting for the authorities.

I’m not in favour of vigilante justice but I’m also not a fan of a passive milk-toast government whom has neglected their God given responsibilities.

Written by Dark Samaritan and produced by York Campbell Credits for Season Six was read by Shawntay from

Cast for the season 6 finale includes

Timothy from Create Art Podcast

Katie Frost

Jessica from Echoes In-between

Chris from Podtastic Audio

York’s wife Valrica

and Leo Allen

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