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Enter The Sandstorm

To understand the Apeiron Realm your intrepid host goes to the main source.  

Season 7, Episode 6

I spoke with the well-renowned author Victor Sandstorm at Happy Trails mental asylum. Mr Sandstorm believed his villainous characters came to life, and it was up to him to put them down.

We both experienced the same phenomenon, a massive googol-cube courtesy of the Apeiron Realm. However, is all of this a fabricated conspiracy or is my mind playing tricks on me?

Below is Happy Trails Mental Asylum in Toronto Canada

Special thanks to King B who played Victor Sandstorm. 

This is King’s first appearance on our show and I’m grateful for his many talents in acting, writing and directing movies. For all things related to King B please visit

Also starring Arjun from Deep Into History and Emily Inkpen from Dex Legacy Series.

Special thanks to the lady with the golden voice Shawntay from

Below is the recepionist at Happy Trails

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After Party (Bonus Episode)

Criticism can either make you or break you, but sometimes it goes too far.

Season 7, Episode 5

I was listening to a fan podcast of Welcome To Earth Stories. They break down each episode and deliver the glitter and the dirt.

The hosts, Josh and Jill, made some valid points, even though I think they’re wrong. 

Please let me know your thoughts, you could send me a DM on Twitter/X @poeticearthling 

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Man Behind The Curtains

Are Tim and Amber mere characters in a fictional world?
We’re going to climb over the fourth wall and peek behind the curtains.
We’re also revisiting Mr Fetter as we blur the lines between realities.

Season 7, Episode 4

Thank you to the talented cast who brought these characters to life. Even though they were already alive in my head, but that’s all semantics.

Timothy Kimo Brien played himself again. I know what a stretch. Please check out his show at createartpodcast.Com 

Amber was performed by Karin from Chaika podcast. 

Mr Fetter, our devious villain,  was performed by Leo Allen. 

Brent Stark was played by himself, again not much of a stretch. Brent Also has a podcast called Most Precious Commodity, produced by yours truly. 

Valrica, who played my wife in the story also plays my wife in real life. That sentence sounds weird.

Last but not least is Lieutenant Phoenix, he was voiced by Chris. Since almost everyone has a podcast, so does Chris. He’s the host of Podtastic Audio.

Special thanks to the lady with the golden voice, Shawntay from

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Money Is Thicker Than Blood

The Family drama heats up as a massive cube arrives on the outskirts of Toronto. Will Amber and Tim survive the family feud, much less the cube?

Season 7, episode 3

Starring Timothy from Create Art Podcast Also starring Karin from Chaika.

Featuring Tiffany C. Lewis from Rebellion Lit and Graffiti Bleu, For all things Graffiti including his Youtube channel he’s at

Special thanks to the lady with the golden voice, Shawntay. You can follow her at

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Amber’s deranged father

Amber’s hystrical mother

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Omega Take Me Home

Did Amber kill Tim? This question and others will be revealed as we venture outside Zenith city, and if you think your family is dysfunctional you haven’t seen nothing yet.

Season 7, Episode 2

Prepare yourself for a sexy AI, unbelievable car chases and an upside down reality as we discover how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Starring the “real” Timothy from create art podcast, but then again what is “real?” Perhaps Timothy is an artificial representation of the real Tim. I’ll let you decide.

Also starring Karin from Chaika podcast, if you like my show then you’ll love Chaika.

(Dashboard of Omega)

Featuring Tiffany C. Lewis from Rebellion Lit and also the storyteller himself Graffiti Bleu 

I realize this is a new format from the last seasons. Change could be difficult and uncomfortable but I thank you for persevering with my show and for telling a friend.

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Killing Tim

To be free from control a sacrifice was required, but does Amber have the nerve to squeeze the trigger. 

Season 7, Episode 1

I’m afraid that anything I say about this episode and Season 7 will spoil it for you. I can’t stand spoilers. If you are a smart alec, you may think the title of this episode is already a big spoiler, but trust me it’s not.

The best way to listen to this episode is in a quiet place with your headphones on. We live in a landscape of distractions, everything is fighting for our attention. Insight and wisdom is lost for the sake of another mindless tik tok video. 

The beauty of a sunrise is forgotten because we can swipe right to see thousands of others. I’m not equating this story to the wisdom of Solomon or a beautiful sunrise, or probably I am. All I want is your attention not only for my benefit but for yours. 

Apeiron Realm is a nine part series that delves into  existentialism. Don’t worry we’re not going to get lost in the weeds but it does require a clear mind. Even though I wrote this story, I’m also a student. I don’t have all the answers so I’m learning just like you. 

A project of this scale takes time and resources to produce. To give back please buy me a coffee at 

Thank you to Tim, the real Tim who played himself in this episode. His show is called Create Art Podcast.

Also starring Karin from Chaika please listen and subscribe to her show. 

Our resident villain, Mr Fetter, is performed by Leo Allen

Please listen and subscribe to my spinoff show, Experimental Stories

Music created by Epidemic Sound 

Mr. Fetter being interviewed on the BS Detector

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First Eclipse

It’s amazing how a single cosmic event can bring humanity together. I almost missed it and a chance to take in the sublime.

As people created in the image of God we remain divided. As long as we walked the earth we have lived in tribes and fought over land. In recent years tribal affiliation has intensified with the weapons of critical race theory and strong political alliances.

We focus on skin colour and other trivial matters and forget we are earthlings orbiting around a star.

The eclipse reminds us of our place in the universe and how small we are. It’s humbling to acknowledge there are forces and systems greater than us. 

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Original song is created by Suno

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Resurrection Project

Sometimes love can lead to obsession and compel a soul to cross unethical lines.

Riddled with guilt Justin reaches out to scientist Mr. Ferrari to ask for the impossible.

The Resurrection Project is a story of loss and grief and our fleeting attempts to hold on to our loved ones.

This is a pre-season episode, the new season will arrive later this year. Please keep in touch with me on X @Poeticearthling

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Thanks J Scott for being a fan of this show. You can listen and follow his podcast Up Your Dialogue on X @upyourdialogue

Most of the music for this episode is licensed under Epidemic Sound.

Be a good earthling and thank you for listening.

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Deadpool Approved

No one puts baby in a corner.

This is one of my favorite movie quotes. It’s a simple line delivered in a pivotal point in Dirty Dancing.

The biggest fear is failure, to avoid it we do nothing. We live and draw within the lines and play by the rules. We say we want to live extraordinary but we succumb to the ordinary.

Season 7 will cross the streams, jump the shark and climb over the fourth wall. 

Please spread the word about this show and follow me on X, my handle remains @Poeticearthling

I’m also the producer of Deep Into History the best history show from the skillful lore master Arjun.

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Imagine if you were the last  surviving member of the human race.

Everything you loved and hated is burned in the fire. Earth is a distant memory as your space vessel is your only home. Loss, isolation and grief is your constant companion.

However, there’s a small  glimmer of hope. A mustard seed of faith that pushes you to seek answers and to reclaim what was lost. 

Special episode

My special guest is Karin Heimdahl. She’s the writer and host  of the multi award-winning dystopian sci-fi drama Chaika. 

You’ve heard her perform on this show, and in Season 7 she will be one of the leading stars. 

Karin breaks down her writing process and how she connects and cries over her characters.

If you are a creative soul you’ll appreciate this episode because it will give you insight on how to make your stories come to life.

Please follow and listen to Chaika including her other shows at and follow her on X @Karinheim 

Give Back 

Thank you for listening to Welcome To Earth Stories, to give back to the show you can buy me a coffee at and I’ll mention you on the next episode.

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