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Escape From Wokeville, Deep Dive

An extreme socialist government and one person’s attempt to escape

Season 6, Deep Dive

The motto used to be, don’t trust the government and don’t trust the men in black. We were cautious of big government poking their Pinocchio nose in our business.

Our personal information was considered sacred including our family photos and political affiliations.

It was the right of every citizen in the western world to be anonymous without the control of Big Brother.

So, what happened?

Google, Facebook and other tech corporations wormed their way into our lackadaisical hearts.

They promised us instant gratification in exchange for our privacy. It worked. Stupid cat videos, booty shaking nurses and an endless onslaught of selfies.

The government, AKA Big Brother, took notice of the social media empires and spurred them on.

What’s the cure?

We need to wean ourselves off the government’s milk by spending less time on social media. This may seem difficult but ask yourself, what am I gaining from it?

The research is clear, negative social media engagement increases anxiety and depression. This stems from us comparing ourselves to others.

We compare their follower count, waistlines, vacation photos and cute selfies. On the surface it may seem innocent but behind closed doors we are a mess.

Try this experiment, take a week off of social media. You heard me right the whole week. During this time monitor your anxiety levels. You may go through a couple of days of withdrawal, just like any drug, but in the end you’ll feel more in control of your life.

This episode was written and produced by your truly, York Campbell.

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