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You Shot Me, Deep Dive

If you hated the last episode, you won’t like this one.

Season 6, Ep6 deep dive

This statement may seem extreme and over the top and you’re probably right.Besides, how can a fictitious tale provoke hatred?

However hatred and cancellation prizes are being dished out to writers and other content creators.

Because of this many writers surrender their firebrand content for something more palatable and socially inclusive.

Content is mass produced, prepackaged and full of preservatives to attract a wide audience.

The end result is a viable product that checks all the boxes and doesn’t offend people in protective groups.

Disney is the Queen of producing non offensive, predictable, market tested movies and shows.I’m not hating on Disney since I’m drinking the Mandalorian koolaid.

I respect the extremists and those who swim against the stream. Even though they’re not as marketable and digestive because their stories tip over sacred cows.

We need more cow tippers, more defiant voices that paint outside of the line.

The original title of this story is Singed, Sealed, Delivered, You Shot Me.

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