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Murphy’s Law

He had one eye, a broken leg and a face only a mother can love. How could Murphy fight against the odds to save someone’s soul?

Season 6, Episode 7

Most of us are not born with a silver spoon in our mouth. We have to work hard and push through the pain to make something of ourselves. We can walk around feeling sorry for ourselves and make thousands of excuses or we can man up and put our shoulders to the wheel.

Playing the victim is the most popular game. All you have to do is blame someone else for your predicament. This victim mentality is lucrative on social media as everyone is fighting for space in the LGBTQ+ alphabet, or the neurodiversity spectrum.

Working though pain and struggling to climb the mountain is now considered passé.

Our forefathers that dug through the earth and created modernity is viewed as Neanderthals. In our arrogance and sense of entitlement we have given birth to a generation of navel gazers.

Murphy’s law teaches us that we don’t have to play the victim card, we may have had a rough start but we can end victoriously.

Written and produced by York Campbell.

Orbit was performed by Timothy from Create Art Podcast, 

and Dakota was performed Shawntay from

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