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Worst Enterview Ever

I had a very awkward experience recently. I was invited as a special guest on one of India’s most popular podcasts. The problem was, I don’t speak Hindi. And the host doesn’t speak English. So I had to rely on my interpreter, but unfortunately she couldn’t be trusted.

I’m not the type to pick fights with other podcasters, but sometimes you have to speak up when they act like this. I don’t blame my interpreter Priya too much. She tried to soften what the host was saying, instead of translating it word for word. I get that. Some words can hurt the ego.

Season 7 later on this year. I know you’ve been waiting for a long time, but I promise it will be worth it. I put a lot of care and creativity into my writing and production, so thank you for your patience and support. While you wait, you can enjoy my nocturnal podcast, Experimental Stories. This is a unique podcast that I created for night owls like you. It’s full of surprises and mysteries that will keep you company in the dark.

All of the incridible Indian music for this episode is from Epidemic Sound.

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