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Fruit Fly Existence

Imagine if your lifespan was the length of a Fruit Fly?

Special Episode

The average human lifespan is 80 years. God has given us time to grow and develop not just physically but spiritually.

However, many of us waste those precious years in pursuit of meaningless things. We attach ourselves to immediate gratifications and hitch our wagons on a star.

80 years is fleeting, if your young you may think otherwise. The older you grow the more precious is time.

If your life was reduced from 80 years to a few days how different would you live?

Season two is arriving later this year. In the meantime please tell a friend about this show. Also, you can keep in touch with me on Twitter (X) @Experimentalstories.

I’m also the host of Welcome To Earth Stories, season 7 is also arriving later on this year.

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