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Ultimate Unboxing Video

Trevor, a nondescript YouTube geek, struggles at the bottom of the ratings. He received an Amazon package from the other side of the universe that changed his life forever.

Season 1, Episode 12

This episode is dedicated to Elvis, not that Elvis, but to my big brother. He’s into Drones, and other radio controlled vehicles. His channel, Toronto RC, is the best RC channel on YouTube. I’m not saying that because he’s my brother or probably I am.

The Ultimate Unboxing video is a modern day tale of how far a person can go to achieve fame.Many of us are not satisfied with our carrier or current life status, we long for a promotion, for the office window seat, to be recognized as an influencer in our field.

Social media has made it possible to turn a nobody into a living icon with one viral video.If your lucky your blog post, tweet or rant could be picked up by a major network making you into an overnight sensation.But you have better chances of being struck by lightning or winning the lotto max, non the less people kill themselves for the price of fame.

Why do we do this?I think the answer is immortality.We want to leave our mark and not a footnote. We want our star to continue to shine long after we’re gone.

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Music for this episode is by:Jason ShawMy brother’s channel is Toronto RC Don Newton’s short story, Life Flashes, will be our next episode. Check out his latest Novel the Prophet on Amazon