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Song Of The Dead

Inspiration arrives in undignified places

Season 5, episode 21, Micro ep

This episode does not fit the theme of our stories rather it takes place on the cold winter streets close to a homeless shelter. If your struggling with ingratitude in our self-obsessed me first generation then I urge you to spend some time with the homeless.

Christmas season is the most selfish time of year. We could get wrapped up in the presents, candy canes and stocking stuffers and gorge ourselves on the finest food.

I’m guilty of this as well so I’m not pointing fingers. Also, Christmas and the holiday’s could be the most stressful time of the year with all of the gift giving and family responsibilities.

Due to the Pandemic for the past two years we were forced to stay home, that sucked but at least it had the potential to make us think deeper and to revaluate everything in our lives.

For me Christmas is way less stressful and a bit more spiritual, what about you?

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Music for this episode is licensed under Epidemic Sound

Additional sound and music were taken from David Holt: How to play the spoons, you can find him on YouTube