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100 Years From Now

A time traveler is trying to understand his ancestral bloodline to save his future.

Season 5 Finale, Episode 22

There’s a golden third that connects this episode to the other time travelling stories. If you are paying attention you’ll connect the dots, if not go back and listen to Time Collective and Quantum Division.

This was the most intense and personal story for me to write. I traced my Jamaican roots back to Africa when they entered the slave ships.

I wanted to understand what my distant grandfather experienced and his children after him.

Many cultures throughout history were enslaved or practiced slavery this is the bitter truth of a fallen world.

We can’t put the blame on one group for we all took turns holding the whip and treating our fellow earthlings like cattle.

May we fight against this evil and recognise the value of a human soul.

Thank you so much for listening to Season 5, it’s an honour and privilege to write and produce these stories for you.

Special performance by Thersa Matsuura from Uncanny Robot and Uncanny Japan who voiced Candice. This episode was incredible because she was part of it.

Special thanks to the lady with the golden voice, Shawntay from

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Time travel is a concept that has fascinated humanity for centuries. The idea of being able to travel through time, either to the past or the future, has been explored in countless works of fiction, from H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine” to the Back to the Future trilogy. But is time travel truly possible?

This story is not designed to convince you of the theory of time travel. 

We are all “time travelers” since we move in one direction through the spacetime continuum. Time is something measurable and  perceivable.

The theory of relativity, developed by Albert Einstein in the early 20th century, suggests that time travel may be possible. According to the theory, time and space are intertwined in a four-dimensional fabric called spacetime. This means that the laws of physics do not distinguish between time and space, and that the flow of time can be affected by gravity.

One of the key predictions of the theory of relativity is that time appears to pass more slowly in stronger gravitational fields. This effect, known as time dilation, has been experimentally verified using atomic clocks in airplanes and satellites. However, the amount of time dilation observed so far is minuscule and would not allow for significant time travel.

Another prediction of the theory of relativity is that it may be possible to create a wormhole, a shortcut through spacetime. A wormhole could potentially be used for time travel by entering one end of the wormhole and exiting the other end at a different point in time. However, the existence of wormholes is purely theoretical and it is not yet known if they can be created or stabilized. For the purposes of this story I avoided wormholes and other complicated techno babble. 

Theoretical physicists also studied the concept of closed time-like curve (CTC) which is a mathematical solution of Einstein’s equations that allow for time travel. The theory suggest that it is possible to travel to the past by moving along a CTC, However, the existence of CTCs is highly controversial, and many physicists believe that the laws of physics would prevent the formation of CTCs, or that they would lead to logical paradoxes.

Another theory of Time travel is based on the concept of a multiverse. According to this theory, our universe is just one of many parallel universes that exist simultaneously. If this theory is true, then it is possible that time travel could be achieved by moving between different universes. However, the existence of parallel universes is also purely theoretical and has not been experimentally verified.

Parallel universes is a topic of discussion with my Son, we don’t believe in this idea from a theological perspective however we find it fascinating. I’m still tinkering with  stories related to parallel universes so stay tuned. 

Despite the theoretical possibilities, there are many obstacles to building a real time machine. For example, the energy required to create a wormhole or a stable CTC would be astronomical and far beyond our current technological capabilities. Additionally, even if a stable time machine were built, it is not clear how it would be possible to navigate through time, or how to avoid the logical paradoxes that would inevitably arise. 

For those hoping for a time machine in this story sorry but you’re out of luck.

I thought about including one but I didn’t want the story to be convoluted. 

In conclusion, while time travel is a fascinating concept, it is still purely theoretical and has not been experimentally verified. Theoretical physicists have proposed several theories on how time travel could be possible, but many obstacles would need to be overcome before a real time machine could be built. Even if a time machine were built, it is not clear how it would be possible to navigate through time without causing logical paradoxes. Time travel remains a topic of interest for scientists and science fiction enthusiasts alike, but for now it remains a topic of speculation.

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