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Political Hot Potato

If you enjoyed the last episode your going to hate this one. We get down and dirty and talk about politics. Make sure you have your over mittens ready and hit play.

Season 1, Episode 9

Part 1

White Guilt

Why should my white brothers and sisters pay for the sins of their ancestors.

Slavery is an ugly stain on the American conscious, the idea of owning a human being sounds ridiculous in are modern times. Thankfully America has turned away from its once standard practice.

Progression has been made, though not perfect, it’s come a long way from the cotton fields. Reparations will not heal the sins of the past, listen and find out why.

Part 2

4th of July

Politics could be divisive, separating people into blue and red states. I have never seen a time when tension is so high, each party wants to prove the other party wrong.

What happens when political affiliations comes between a marriage, stay tuned to find out.

Part 3

Donald Trump and the Purpose of the Universe

This part may get me into hot water, even though I’m Canadian and not allowed to vote in the States.

Trump has made some awful decisions, but to demonize him and blame him for all the mess in the world is faulty logic.

Have an open mind and listen before you throw stones.

Part 4

First World Problems

I live in Canada, the most peaceful country on Earth. We got it good here except for the crappy weather.

It’s our civic duty to vote to make sure the right person is in power. However I was not going to vote until I met a Somalian Uber driver, listen and find out.


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