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Arrow Of Time Part 1

I had an argument with someone about the concept of time, things got heated this episode is inspired by that altercation.

Season 1, Episode 10

Brief History Arrow of time, or times arrow is the idea that time is linear. British astronomer Arthur Eddington developed the concept in 1927.The arrow of time remains an unresolved General physics question. The analogy of an arrow is clear and unambiguous in our collective conscience, most of us know what a physical arrow looks like. We have seen it in Lord of the Rings or Hunger Games, how can anyone forget Jennifer Lawrence and her archery techniques. An arrow releases from the bow, slices through the air until it strikes the mark.In Eddington’s mind time is fixed, a beginning and end.

Stephen Hawking’s book,  Brief History Of Time, he devotes a whole chapter to the arrow of time. I highly recommend this book to you even if your not a science nerd like myself.Hawkins describes the big bang, (no not the TV show, stay focused) and also the big crunch as an arrow from start to finish.However when the arrow, meaning time, meets the end it changes directions and goes backwards.If your an 80’s baby like myself your teacher played movies from a film projector, when the film was over everyone asked her to play it backwards. We got a kick out of seeing a broken plate reassemble and placed back on the kitchen table. People walking backwards, cars driving backwards and people talking backwards. The backwards movie was way more interesting. Hawking said that time may reverse, picture Benjamin Button.

The movie starts with Benjamin as an old man, as it progresses he gets younger and younger. (Warning, spoiler ahead) At the end of the movie he’s reduced to a baby. I don’t think the arrow of time can be reversed, but I’m a poet not a scientist keep this in mind when you listen to this episode.Each story is very personal to me and also therapeutic. My prayer is that it will help you slow down and ponder the fleeting nature of life.Part 2 will arrive sometime in the near future.

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Solace by, Nomyna

I Saw a Ghost by,  Leonell Cassio