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My Wife Doesn’t Listen To My Podcast

You’ll think loyalty begins at home. The person you share your bed with will have your back. Buckle up buttercup your in for a twist. 

Season 5, Episode 14 (Bonus)

Recently I’ve been receiving  positive and negative feedback about my show. Positive feedback is always welcome but the negative feedback is like a dagger in the neck. 

At least my show is gaining an audience and the larger the audience the more negative vibes.

Every movie star and famous authors goes through a battlefield of hurtful words and misguided comments.

To become a person of notice you have to develop titanium skin. You will be attacked from all sides so the titanium is crucial. 

Last week’s micro episode entitled, Only One Listener, is a good example. I’ve received angry messages from the island nation of Evaugne. They had an issue with an older episode called Messenger Pigeon, about a potential  suicide bomber.

I thank the people of Evaugne who took the time to send me feedback. You can do the same on Apple Podcast by leaving a rating and review.

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