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Core Dweller

An alleged faith healer emerges from the center of the Earth, a Homeland security agent is assigned to track him down. Is he a threat, a lunatic or an answered prayer?

Season 5, Episode 13

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of intelligent lifeforms living in the centre of the Earth. No wonder why I’m a weirdo.

The thought of earthlings living under our feet for thousands of years is provocative, at least for me it is.

You probably didn’t think of it until now and why should you, life on the surface is already stressful. Living with “surface dwellers” could feel unbearable.

Special performance by Karin from Chaika Podcast

Timothy Kimo Brien from Create Art Podcast, and my Son Elijah.

Special thanks to the lady with the golden voice, Shawntay from

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