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Dark Winter

Dr Needlemeyer, the once respected astrophysicist, claims he’s receiving messages two years into the future about a coming apocalypse. Is he a liar, a lunatic or is he telling the truth?

Season 3, EP 1

Some scientist are convinced its theoretically possible to time travel. The notion that time traveling is restricted to hollywood movies and syfy novels is losing its grip. In recent years scientist are able to move a single particle from one fixed point in time to another, of course this is on a micro level.

To truly bend time or go back to the future we need something more powerful than a DeLorean. Maybe a black hole or something equivalent could bend spacetime and transport our mortal coil into the future.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, we lack the technology to transform this idea into reality. Maybe we will get there.

But what about receiving messages from the future?
This is a form of time travelling on a smaller scale. A black hole or the power of a star is not required, all we need is a quantum computer.

Thank You
Winston Smart was voiced by Timothy Kimo Brien, he’s the host of Create Art Podcast. Also thank you to the #writingcommunity on twitter.


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A middle age woman blows bubbles at the bus station late at night without a care in the world. This random act could teach us about life.

My favorite stories comes from real life events, even this peculiar person who performed an outdoor exhibit. The advantage of not having a vehicle and forced to take the public transit is to come face to face with my fellow earthlings.

Every person has a story, no matter how mundane and simple their lives may appear.

Upcoming Season Three

I found like-minded individuals to help me in season three.
Thank you to Alex from the Time For Your Hobby Podcast,
Shawntay from Call To Action, and Timothy Kimo Brien from the Create Art Podcast.


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Queen Of The QR Codes

There is a secret code, it has four sides with a series of numbers. Unlocking these codes is essential, knowing how to create them makes you a wizard.

I had an interview with author and podcaster Shawntay Fields.
She is the host of Call To Action, it’s a show dedicated to inspiring, educating and informing entrepreneurs and self starters. She offers tech advice to help you navigate this ever changing and complicated world.

Shawntay Fields is the Queen of the QR codes, her new audio book, QR codes for beginners, will walk you through the advantages for writer’s to use these codes to maximize your exposure.

I know what your thinking this may seem way too techy but hang in there.
Shawntay has a way of making everything accessible, cool and relatable.

Also, Shawntay plays a pivotal role in the Replacement Wife, an upcoming episode.

Thank you for listening to the Mothership Episodes, Season three of the main show starts in June.

Sit back, relax put on your headgear and enjoy this interview.


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Burnouts and Crazy Pills

Life has a way of throwing you upside down. There’s demands, deadlines and expectations. This episode will ease your stress so you can avoid mental burnouts.

Mothership Episode: 4

The aim of technology is to create  sophisticated systems to alleviate our everyday toil. Objectively speaking it seems to work, with microwave ovens, robot vacuum cleaners and same day express delivery. Amazon recently launched drone delivery where your package will descend from the clouds and land at your doorstep.

Convenience and comfort is a click away as companies cater to our every wish. No need to kill and eat our food when we could swipe the screen and order buckets of chicken. Earth and all of its goodies in one or two taps.

With all of these first world advantages we remain stressed out. The pressure to keep up with our neighbors and hustle for ‘the good life’ has left us spiritually and emotionally deficient in this George Jetson world.

Many of us lack balance and chase after things to quench our immediate needs. We seek comfort from the bosoms of social media with their  ‘likes’ and retweets. No wonder this generation is besset with social anxieties and mental fatigue. However, there is a spiritual facet to our nature that stands in contrast to our animal instincts. 

The Spirit given by the  Architect of the universe can keep us in balance, can keep us whole so our minds will not stray. 


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Season 3 of the main show starts in June with new voices and bonus episodes.


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Will The Real You Please Stand Up

Are you trying to find your voice, your signature style that makes you stand out from the rest. We are encouraged to play it safe, draw within the lines and not rustle any feathers, but is this the best approach.

Mothership: Episode 3

When we start writing stories it’s vital to learn from established authors.
We need to learn the mechanics of telling an engaging story from the first page to the last. The more we read and study their books the more acquainted we’ll be to their voice. This is natural. But if we are not careful we could become a clone of the author.

A clone is similar in form but lacking in substance.
We need to discover and develop are own je ne sais quoi.


Season three of Poetic Earthlings is arriving in June. Contributors from Ohio, Nigeria, Jamaica, Romania and in my town of Ottawa will be on the show. Please follow the show and tell a friend.


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How To Destroy Your Relationships In Three Easy Steps

If your trying to find a quick and easy way to dismantle your relationships then listen to this.

I have researched and discovered three essential ingredients that will ruin your marriage, break up your family and turn your friends against you.

Mothership Episode 3


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Season three of the main show is starting in June.

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Bonus Ep: Most Precious Interview

Author, Podcaster and one of my favorite earthling, Brent Stark, sat with me to talk about his podcast Most Precious commodity.

Brent writes short stories with a bit of time travelling to keep you on your toes.
I enjoyed discussing his creative process and what drives him to create his stories.


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Brent’s first book is available on Amazon

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When They Call Your Baby Ugly

You finished writing your Magnus opus and someone has the audacity to point out it’s faults, what do you do?

Off season, episode 2

If you have been writing stories for a good length of time you’ll attract haters and lovers.
Hopefully more lovers than hatters.

There is a third category, objective critic. This person will dissect your story, study all the nuts and bolts and see if your story holds together.

We need the objective critic, not the cheerleader. The objective critic sharpens our skills, the cheerleader strokes our ego.

To be honest I would rather be sourounded by beautiful cheerleaders telling me how awesome I am, but in my innermost soul I need the objective critic.

In today’s parlance ‘criticism’ is viewed as a negative word so we desperately try to avoid it. The very thing that could improve our writing we run away from.
How strange.


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Bonus EP/ The Quickening

You have been chosen to take a one way trip to Mars, your shuttle goes off course 400 years into the future.

Written by Dark Samaritan

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