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Slinky Universe

Is freewill only a figment of one’s imagination?

Season 1, Episode 8

Are you old enough to remember the slinky, this is a popular spring like toy accidentally created by Richard James in 1943.

Even if you didn’t play with a slinky your probably familiar with the commercial.

Wait a moment, you’ve seen the commercial right?
If not, pause what you’re reading, go to YouTube and type it in.

Are you back?

The slinky is comprised of metal coils, each coil affects the other as it climbs down the stairs.
It’s future moves depends on the previous.

We inhabit a Slinky Universe where each action is determined by the former.
This notion may eradicate the concept of free will.

Without free will or autonomy we can blame everything on the past. We could say society made me this way for good or bad and my future actions are written by events outside of my control.

Isn’t that the problem today, people not taking ownership of their mess and pointing the finger at someone else.
English poet, John Donne, most quotable line rings through,
“No man is an island.”

John Donne was right we are all interconnected, whatever you do will affect me to a greater or lesser extent since we all occupy this planet.

But I don’t believe this eliminates free will, however it may reduce it.

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