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Public Apology

You may have heard about my fall from grace, of how my actions tore apart the integrity of this show. Instead of having my good name smeared across social media I want to set the record straight.

Emergency Episode

I am not a fan of public apologies, especially from celebrities and politicians, because they come across as wooden and insincere. You could tell a lawyer or PR person whipped up this apology in the lab. They made sure to include all the key words and leave out words that will incriminate them.

Most of the time the written speech does not match their personality or communication style. It looks, smells and tastes fake. We know they’re just going through the motions. Some people accept the apology, most people call foul. And there’s a third category of people you can never please.

This third category looks for blood in the open seas and waits for the opportune time to pounce. They never had your back or even a modicum of the best intentions. Your apology is an invitation to inflict damage. It fuels their self-righteousness and their lustful desire to bring you down.

Hopefully my public apology will suffice and most of you will move on, but I’m not holding my breath.

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