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Morning Ritual

You never know where temptation will strike 

Season 1, episode 7

I shuffled to my usual seat like a well trained army vet. I looked through the bus window, avoiding eye contact took off my backpack and cleared my mind from distractions.

She took out a compact mirror and a small device to manipulate her eyelashes, and a rose coloured lipstick that smelt like cinnamon. But I wasn’t looking.

My mind is a razor sharp instrument, free from low v neck dresses and well curved assets, free from long toned legs and high heeled shoes.

Unlike the typical Male specimen, salivating as their eyes burst from their sockets to get a better look at this cosmic goddess.
But I wasn’t looking.

I was comforted by my wife’s beauty, her home cooked meals and her magnetic personality,
her charm and grace and the home that we made.

Besides this girl is half my age,
with her silky smooth skin and her twin peaks of glory, with her legs slightly crossed displaying her ankle bracelet and each toe painted in burning Sapphire.

But I kept my composure, even though she tossed her hair over her shoulder, requested the next stop and stood tall like Gal Gadot,

But I wasn’t looking.

Music by Scott Buckley

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