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Matter OF time

Some people say to live in the “now” what does that mean, and is it even true? In this bonus episode we’ll peel back the curtain and take a look at the concept of time.

If you are an avid listener one of my favorite topics is time, from traveling forward or backward or understanding it philosophically. As I was recording this episode I was tempted to create a podcast all about time.

We spend our days held hostage by the clock as we move from one appointment to the next, from one deadline to the other. Thousands of dollars is spent on time management courses to figure out how to stretch or compartmentalize time. 

Time saving techniques are developed to make us more efficient. With tremendous discipline you can structure your life and move to the next level. 

The question remains, what is time?

Not even Solomon in all his wisdom defined it, and not even Einstein in all his science fully comprehended it. 

Your humble podcaster doesn’t have the wisdom of Soloman and the brilliance of Einstein to attempt to answer this query. My role is to get us thinking and I hope this episode achieves this goal.

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