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Killing Spree

To reach the next level you must stay alive, aim, and fire.

Season 6, Micro Episode 3.5

These days it looks like the youth are getting away with murder, yikes that sentence makes me sound like an old man.

The new form of parenting in the West is the buddy system. This means to speak their lingo and relate to them like peers. A stern hand and swift justice is viewed as insensitive and draconian. Rather than punishment we opt for multiple chances.

I admit the old school style of parenting has its flaws. It could be too militant and less tolerant. This method has the potential to hinder your child’s freedom of expression.

But let’s be real, our children are not our peers and they shouldn’t be our buddies.


I know this flies in the face of our current culture where we hand the keys of the city over to our children and let them run amok.

Parents’ job is to lay down the law and make sure our children are compliant, not because we are fascist dictators, at least most of us are not, but because we know better.

A parent and a friend are two different things, when we are fuzzy and confused about the difference it hurts their development.

They need a healthy fear of authority that’s where parents come in, without that healthy fear they could easily drift. Look around you, turn on the news and see where this modern day ‘parent buddy system’ has taken us. Children have lost all sense of direction because parents have tapped out of their moral responsibility.

Children and youths can’t figure out life on their own, they barely know themselves. It is the role of parents to step in and be that moral compass they desperately need.

Written and produced by York Campbell

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