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Gemini Conundrum

Is reality objective or is it a mere mental construct?

Season 5, Episode 9

This episode breaks the 4th wall and dives feet first into the meta of story building.

The main character starts to realize he’s the main protagonist in the story he created.

In order to maintain the universe he developed he has to continuously articulate this story.

There’s some people who deny objective reality, they think the physical laws of the cosmos are a manifestation of the mind.

I don’t fall into this camp however I find it fascinating.

Special performances by Tiffany C Lewis from the Beta Reader Bits podcast,

and Jessica Berson from Echoes in-between podcast.

Also, Eltrain who played the muscular dude on the bus and the Psychiatrist. Please follow him on Twitter @_Eltrain

Special thanks to the lady with the golden voice, Shawntay from

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