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First World Problems

Reality checks are required to be a grateful rational human and here is one of them.

Season 5, Episode 18, (Micro Episode)

It’s easy to complain and forget about other people’s predicament. Generally speaking, people in developing countries have it worse than me. Sometimes I think my problems are insurmountable and I could cry myself to sleep.

If my smartphone or laptop hiccups or freezes I’m tempted to smash it and buy a new one.

If my supervisor gives me a dirty look I’m tempted to storm off and harbor evil thoughts about him.

The old saying, ‘first world problems’ applies to me. I could complain about everything. I wouldn’t say life needs to be fair but the way I act and think runs counter. 

Hopefully you are a more evolved human, one who is grateful for every breath. If you are then this episode does not apply to you.

For the rest of us unwashed heathens we struggle with entitlement and the burning notion that life needs to be fair.

A global mindset will help to unshackle these limited thoughts. What also helps is to journey back to the old days before modern luxuries.

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This Thursday is the penultimate episode of Welcome To Earth Stories, starring Tiffany C Lewis, Alex from Time For Your Hobby and Emily Inkpen from The Dex Legacy Series.

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