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Imagine if you were the last  surviving member of the human race.

Everything you loved and hated is burned in the fire. Earth is a distant memory as your space vessel is your only home. Loss, isolation and grief is your constant companion.

However, there’s a small  glimmer of hope. A mustard seed of faith that pushes you to seek answers and to reclaim what was lost. 

Special episode

My special guest is Karin Heimdahl. She’s the writer and host  of the multi award-winning dystopian sci-fi drama Chaika. 

You’ve heard her perform on this show, and in Season 7 she will be one of the leading stars. 

Karin breaks down her writing process and how she connects and cries over her characters.

If you are a creative soul you’ll appreciate this episode because it will give you insight on how to make your stories come to life.

Please follow and listen to Chaika including her other shows at and follow her on X @Karinheim 

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