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80 Candles And a Time Machine

It’s my Mom’s 80th birthday, let’s board the time machine and travel to 1943

Special Episode

Sometimes we have impulsive and inspirational ideas but we don’t take action. We give ourselves excuses of why it can’t work. We feed our inspiration with logic before it reaches the clouds.

I’m definitely guilty of this. My mind is a factory of ideas that remains on the conveyor belt.

Life seems easier when you play it safe. With nothing to lose and nothing to gain you can sail through life unnoticed.

You can live a painless existence by not ruffling any feathers.

But who desires that?

The people we admire are the risk takers, the cliff divers.
Those people who ride the waves rather than observing them in their lawn chairs.

I learned in this episode that being impulsive is not a bad thing. Sure you can go overboard if you’re not careful but the right kind of impulsiveness is pure magic.

Also in this episode you’ll hear my Mom for the first time.

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