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1 800 Life Coach

I hit rock bottom, life was slapping me in the face. I called 1800 life coach and that’s when things turned around, but maybe not for the better. You decide.

Season 4, Episode 2

This story was inspired by my years spent in an unusual church. From the outside it looked like any other  Protestant evangelistic church. 

We sang worship songs, had Bible study groups and Christmas presentations. It was everything you think a typical church should be. Bonus points: it was also multicultural.

But beyond the warm smiles and ethnic meals there was a controlling element.You were forbidden to date or marry outside of the group and your “personal time” was scrutinized. Each member was assigned a personal “coach” to guide them spiritually.

It wasn’t just a good idea to listen to your coach, you had to listen to your coach. Accountability is good It keeps earthlings in line so we don’t do stupid things. This church took accountability to an unhealthy level.

If you have similar experiences I would like to hear from you. For me I’m still in recovery even though I left this group a few years ago.

Special thanks to Emily Inkpen who played the Life Coach executive, please follow the links and check out her books and audio presentations. Thanks again Emily.

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